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On-Campus Meal Plans 2024–2025

​Undergraduate students living in the residence halls

Community is one of the great reasons why students in residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Food brings people together—whether you eat in the dining commons or pick up snacks to go with friends. While students are automatically enrolled in the Blue Plan, three meal plans are available to meet your needs.

Upgrade your meal plan

Want more meal swipes and more flexibility to meet your needs?
Upgrade your meal plan for a limited time only. It’s as easy as filling out this form. 

Fall: Upgrade now until September 2, 2023
Spring: Upgrade November 27, 2023 – January 27, 2024

Available plans

Three meal plans are available for students who live in the residence halls. Meal plans are made up of two different components:

  • Meal Swipes: A set number of meal swipes to use each week at the dining commons.
  • Meal swipes can be used as a “meal equivalency” in some campus restaurants: The Golden Bear Café, Brown’s, as well as Ladle & Leaf and Monsoon Kitchens in The Eateries at the Student Union. A meal swipe is equivalent to a set number of menu items.
  • Meal swipes may only be used by the meal plan holder. Any unused meal swipes will expire on Saturday at midnight each week and reset for the upcoming week.
  • Flex Dollars: A set number of flex dollars to use each semester that function like cash dollars and work on a declining balance.
  Current Plan Upgrade Options
Plans Blue Plan Gold Plan Ultimate Plan
Swipes 12 meal swipes per week (1 per meal period) 10 meal swipes per week (1 per meal period) Unlimited meal swipes per week (1 meal swipe every 30 minutes per meal period)
Flex dollars 600 flex dollars (300 per semester) 1000 flex dollars (500 per semester) 1000 flex dollars (500 per semester)
Cost Included in your Housing Contract +$350 per year ($175 per semester) + $950 per year ($475 per semester)

Add-on flex dollars

Anytime you need, get more value for your dollar and supplement your meal plans by purchasing additional flex dollars.

110 flex dollars for $100
55 flex dollars for $50

Purchase add-on flex dollars

Meal plan changes

Changes to your on-campus meal plan can be made through September 2, 2023, or from November 27, 2023, through January 27, 2024, for the spring semester. Changes to meal plans must be made by filling out this form. No other meal plan change requests will be approved outside of the official change period.

Pricing for dining commons

With flex dollars, pay less than the cash price in the dining commons—on average about $4 less per meal! You can also use your flex dollars to pay for anyone, such as family, friends, or other guests.

Meal On-Campus Meal Plan and
Friends & Family Price
Cash Price (With no meal plan)
Breakfast 9 flex dollars $12
Lunch/Brunch 10 flex dollars $14
Dinner 11 flex dollars $16

Important dates

View all the important dates you need to keep in mind related to your meal plan.

Terms and conditions

Read full terms and conditions.